About Us

 Meet Our Founder & CEO, LaSonda Carrizales

LaSonda was born and raised in Chicago's southside Pullman neighborhood.  She graduated with her Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from Chicago State University and her Master of Science Degree in Human Resource Management from Roosevelt University. 

A wife, mother of three beautiful daughters, and grandmother to two handsome grandsons, she has always loved styling hair and being in the beauty industry. 

She started styling hair in her kitchen.  She created protective styles such as sew-in, quick weaves, and crochet braids.  After drastically losing her hair due to her hysterectomy surgery in 2020, she tried many hair products to regrow her hair and began to read the ingredients listed on the labels.  That's when she discovered all the hair products she was using all had tree nuts.  Tree nuts are one of her many allergies and she was determined to create a product she can use to regrow and maintain healthy hair. 

She wanted to help others who were going through hair loss issues and people who were allergic to tree nuts.  Her goal was to educate people with allergy issues. People that are allergic to tree nuts can't eat tree nuts or use products with tree nuts or coconut oils.  Using products with those ingredients may cause an allergic reaction, such as, itchy skin & rash, hives, face swelling, irritated eyes, wheezing, and anaphylaxis.

She started My Crown My Glory during the Coronavirus pandemic in her kitchen in December 2020. She formulated the Avocado Oil Stimulating Hair Growth Serum, a miracle blend of nutrients, vitamins, and 13 carrier / essential oils to combat hair dryness, stimulate hair follicles, moisturize the scalp, and strengthen the hair shaft to promote healthy hair growth.

Since then, My Crown My Glory has been distributed to homes in more than 31 U.S. States, including Canada. It can also be found in the Solo Beauty Supply, Walmart.com, and Amazon.com. 


Our Mission

Our mission at My Crown My Glory is to enhance beauty and self-confidence by providing quality nut-free products with natural ingredients that promote healthy skin and hair growth for women, men, and children.  Our products are formulated for all hair types, that have natural or relaxed hair.