About Us

In 2020, My Crown My Glory, LLC Founder and CEO, LaSonda Carrizales, suffered extreme hair dryness and hair loss due to a major surgery. With various skin conditions and allergies such as Tree Nuts, she was unable to find a product that serviced her needs. She then met with a Trichologist (A specialist who focuses on the diseases or problems related to the hair and scalp) and a Dermatologist (A doctor who specializes in problems on the skin, hair, and nails) to help with her skin and hair loss issues.  The products she used contained nut oils and she determined to create a product line that was tree nut free.

With research, she created and formulated her 1st bestselling product, Avocado Oil Stimulating Hair Growth Serum.  It's a deep penetrating miracle blend of nutrients, vitamins, and 11 carrier / essential oils that do not contain coconut or tree nut oils to combat hair dryness, stimulate hair follicles, moisturize the scalp and strengthen the hair shaft to promote healthy hair growth.


Our Mission

Our mission at My Crown My Glory is to enhance beauty and self-confidence by providing quality nut-free products with natural ingredients that promote healthy skin and hair growth for women, men, and children.  Our products are formulated for all hair types, that have natural or relaxed hair.